Drop Pod Teleportor DomeDrone WeaponsElite Grunt ArmorLab - Volumetric LightshaftsElite Drone SpawningElite Drone using LiftCloaked FlankerLab - Pete CinematicShield OrbShield Orb taking DamageCommander ready to DeployBattle Focus - Created the majority of the Battle Focus VFXSeed Deploy and Seed ProjectileVarious Gibs SubUV Sheet ExamplesSeed - StartSeed Core - Alternate VersionSeeking Grenade - Unused
Screenshots - The Bureau:XCOM Declassified
Personal Work
Alien Cyborg - ZbrushEmbalming Station - 3dsMaxWood Burning Antique Stove - High Poly 3dsMaxWood Burning Antique Stove - In Unreal Tentacles - ZBrushTenticles Version 2 - ZBrushInsect Creature - Angle 1Insect Creature - Angle 2Insect Creature - Angle 3Lizard Man - Angle 1Lizard Man - Angle 2Lizard Man - Angle 3Faces - ZBrushLong Neck - ZBrush
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